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Active Self-Care Isn’t Selfish


I’m Stephanie Morimoto, the Owner and CEO of Asutra. Thanks for coming to our website. I’m excited to personally give you some background about who we are and what we do.

We’re a team of people that have your back (and elbows, knees, face, mind, and soul). We’re looking out for you so you can keep doing what you’re doing.

What does that mean? Well, we believe in active self care. By taking care of yourself on purpose, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally, allowing you to take on anything. As we like to say around here: Self care isn’t selfish.

Also, Asutra is women-owned and women-led. We’re able to create products that help women because we’re made up of amazing women. Venus Williams, yup that Venus Williams, is part owner and our Chief Brand Officer. Venus, like myself, started as a customer and once she learned more about Asutra and its passion and focus on natural ingredients, she wanted to become part of the team.

Our natural, safe products are made at an accessible price. Plus,
  • We use organic plants, minerals, and essential oils.
  • We never test on animals.
  • None of our products contain parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.

So take a look around, read any of our 15K+ customer reviews, reach out with any questions, and keep on doing what you’re doing. Because you can. We got you.

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Stephanie Morimoto
Owner and CEO

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Meet Stephanie Morimoto

Meet Stephanie Morimoto

Owner and CEO

More About Me

I first discovered Asutra as a customer. I’m big into yoga and exercise and came across the all-natural yoga mat cleaner and pain cream online. The passionate reviews persuaded me to try them. When I began using these products, I totally got why people were writing paragraphs about how much they loved them. Now, I’m one of them. I’ve had the honor of connecting with so many customers who have shared their stories about how Asutra has helped them with pain relief, better sleep, or creating softer and healthier skin.

As luck would have it, I learned that the founders of Asutra were looking to sell the company. I jumped at the chance to buy the business I loved and take it to the next level. I relocated Asutra to my hometown of Chicago, Illinois to contribute to the city’s economy and create good jobs with benefits for our diverse team.

Meet Venus Williams

Meet Venus Williams

Part Owner and Chief Brand Officer

More About Me

I started using Asutra and became a fan immediately. I need anything I can to recover quickly. In tennis, you’re playing back to back matches – sometimes six matches in one week. You don’t get to sit on the bench or have someone sub in. It’s you every day. I found that Asutra’s natural pain relief cream really helped me recover quickly from aches and pains as a result of pushing my body. From there, I fell in love with all of the products and the natural ingredients.

As I learned more about the company, I became more intrigued. So it was a natural step to join the team as a part owner and Chief Brand Officer to help tell the Asutra story.

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Our natural, safe products are made by hand at an affordable price.

- We use organic plants, minerals, and essential oils.

- We never test on animals.

- None of our products contain parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.

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